"Minesweeper Collective" has grown from the burnt ashes of what was Ledsham M.2706 (built in 1954), the old minesweeper moored in Deptford Creek, South-East London. The ship was brought to Deptford Creek in 1998 by a group of friends who wished to set-up a creative venue and a space for the local community, which unfortunately came to a halt after a fire in 2008. In January 2012, a new group became involve, began to help revive the project and went on to create the "Minesweeper Collective", which currently manages the space.
"Minesweeper Collective" is made out of creative individuals working together in a co-operative structure and collaborating with other projects and art collectives.

To this date, we first have rebuilt part of the top deck, repaired the damages caused from exposure and then built a screen-printing studio and multi-functional art lab. We were also able to trace some of the boat's history, thanks to Brian Horton, Naval and Military Research Consultant. It is thanks to the hard work and dedication of many people throughout the years that it has been possible to save the Minesweeper and make this project thrive.

Today, we use the Minesweeper as a professional screen-printing and graphic studio and to prepare the events, workshops, and exhibitions which we organize in local venues.
We collaboratively produce artworks and designs, organize workshops with a "hands-on" approach for the local community, and also live music events. We run "Undercurrents", an exhibition gallery space et "The Birds Nest" in Deptford and can accommodate artists in residence. Together we renovate and develop the spaces that we manage while constantly preserving and improving the Minesweeper vessel, where we are based.

Thanks to: Valentina, Alex, Niccolo`, David, Camden, Michele, Ausius, Shihoko, Keith, Eddie, Glen, Doug, Dave, Mattia, Alessandra, Kevin, Joe F, Emmanuel, Andrew, Lisa, Enrico, Rainer, Dawa, Ulrick, Brice, Daniel, Claire, Simon, Joe S, and Ahmed. A core crew of 7 members has agreed to take responsibility for the maintenance and progression of the Minesweeper and the project. Helped by Sergio at The Co-op Hub, Greenwich, we have now set-up a business co-operative, "Minesweeper Collective", that ensures greater prospects on the horizon to come!

Soon the project will be fully launch, including a website and online shop. We also aim to be collaborating with other art projects and artists worldwide as well as creating a strong link with the Deptford/Greenwich local communities.

On this blog, you will find news, pictures and info about the project.  Do not hesitate to get in touch if you are interested and please watch this space for updates. Become a follower of this blog if you wish to show your support! For contact, send an e-mail to: info@minesweepercollective.co.uk