History of the project

The Minesweeper
The Minesweeper is a project to renovate, equip and maintain a 156 foot wooden vessel moored in Greenwich as a floating community creative space. The ethos of the project is to provide, facilitate and promote cultural, creative projects and events in the Deptford and Greenwich area with the broadest possible community inclusion. The vessel is owned and run by a non-profit partnership.
History of the Project 
The vessel was salvaged in 1998 by a group of friends who saw she had possibilities as a venue, and got together to invest their time and money in her. The vessel was renamed "The Mindsweeper", and moved to her present location on Deptford Creek.
The front deck was plied over - to prevent further rain damage - and the main upper-deck/venue-space was constructed of steel and glass and roofed over. In 2005, two members of the project were awarded grants of £2000 each by Unltd. These enabled: 
1) The development of the venue space – the purchase of lighting and sound equipment, a wind generator and batteries to power them, a piano, and a programme of events to promote the venue’s possibilities; 
2) The preservation of the stern deck, and a start on its restoration with ply and new decking. 
The rear deck was temporarily roofed over, but suffered further damage during a fire in September 2007.
In 2008, The Minesweeper was accepted onto the Registry of Historic Ships as a vessel of historical significance to the nation.

For the past fifteen years The Minesweeper  has been allowed to moor on the Greenwich side of Deptford Creek on a council warf leased by Brookmarsh Industrial Estate (workshops, car repair and M.O.T. garages) and opposite the Laban Dance Centre. This has made an ideal location for the rebuilding project. “Redevelopment” is approaching from the river. 
The Community 
The Local community is very diverse. Although Deptford and Greenwich are port towns and have a long maritime history, there are very few community resources on the waterways. There’s the Ahoy Centre yacht club  on the river and the Creekside Centre on Deptford Creek and that’s about all. The need for a community resource in the area has become very clear from the enthusiasm for the small-scale events we have organized so far.  
Events have been on a small scale, due to access restrictions and public safety concerns. They have been well attended and lots of fun!
Gun Club – Air rifles and pistols on the quarterdeck for kids and their parents.

Live Music:  
Cwm Festival: In conjunction with Utrophia – three day festival of live music.

Flamenco Night – renowned guitarist Ramon Ruiz, and upcoming singer from Granada, Jabbi Marquez, performed traditional flamenco.

Ampersand – Free improvised soundscapes with unusual and atmospheric instrumentation.

Film Screenings:
Georgie Girl – 60’s classic shot around Greenwich with post-screening discussion with Director Silvio Narizzano.

I Know Where I’m Going – Powel & Pressberger classic in conjuction with “making of” documentary on Resonance FM.

Carnival of Souls – Halloween spooker!

IGNATIUS - STUDY FOR THE MURDER OF AN ALTER EGO - Premier‏ of a film by Michael Chronopoulus

Deptford TV:
Peer-2-Peer - Screenings of short films and documentaries.
Premier of documentary

 Flixation – Exploding Underground cinema collective go mad at sea!

 Art project - Local printmaker Paul Haydock-Wilson’s very Creek-based project with ongoing exhibition on the upper deck.

Unsuccessful applications were made to the Heritage Lottery Fund and Deptford Community Chest; So we have gone ahead and done it ourselves with our resources, donations and voluntary labor! The damaged stern is being rebuilt and redecked to create a space for art workshops and better community resources.